Trinity Presbyterian Church of Orange County


At Trinity, we believe the gospel renews everything. The gospel is the good news that God has given us the gift of His redemptive love through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This message is the very heart of the Christian faith. One of the most important things we do as a church is offer a warm and open welcome to people from all backgrounds who want to come learn more about Jesus. 
We believe that, as we keep the gospel central to our church and in our own hearts, that God brings wholeness to our lives, makes us into a loving and diverse community of faith and moves us outward to join Him in his restorative mission of grace. 



These small groups provide everyone at Trinity a place to connect to intentional community. The format of our groups varies but they all share one common vision – to seek the relational, transformational, and missional power of the gospel together in community. No matter what age or stage of life and faith you are coming from, our groups would love to welcome you!

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Churches have statements of faith to express what they believe. We think it's just as important for churches to have "statements of life" to express how these beliefs shape their life together as a community. The gospel rhythms are Trinity's grace-centered, missional rhythms of discipleship. They're everyday habits for following Jesus. They provide a framework for us to learn how to shape and form our way of life around the gospel. What are they? Give blessing. Open your life to community. Sabbath regularly. Pray daily. Engage people intentionally. Listen to Scripture. Join us as look at how to create and strengthen these habits of grace. Listen Now →