Sixth Sunday after Pentecost - June 26, 2016
"Lessons from the Looking-glass" - James 1:22-25


"If God’s Word is for you merely a doctrine, something impersonal and objective, then it is no mirror – an objective doctrine cannot be called a mirror; it is just as impossible to look at yourself in an objective doctrine as to look at yourself in a wall. And if you want to relate impersonally…to God’s Word, there can be no question of looking at yourself in the mirror, because it takes a personality, an I, to look at oneself in a mirror, a wall can be seen in a mirror, but a wall cannot see itself or look at itself in a mirror. No, while reading God’s Word you must incessantly say to yourself: It is I to whom it is speaking; it is I about whom it is speaking."

— Søren Kierkegaard,
For Self-Examination