Our youth ministry exists to connect young people (6th-12th grade) to Jesus Christ and the local church. Our teaching and discipleship is focused on Jesus and the gospel. Our leadership is team-oriented and seeks to build intergenerational community and deep maturity in Christ.

Join us this Season!
We are excited to explore the Apostles' Creed together this season. The Creed is an ancient summary of the Bible's core teaching, believed globally by nearly all Christian traditions, and a rich resource of solid truth for a very shallow age. You can see our overview and rationale here.

Upcoming Events
We have compiled a calendar of our current youth ministry events. Along with regular gatherings for teaching, discipleship, and fun, we regularly have events geared toward building your relationships with friends, the church, and God's world. For access to our calendar and for more information, please contact our Youth Ministry Co-Director Ashley Vizcarra.

Put Me in Coach
Young people are part of the team at Trinity. One way you can use your gifts and see what it looks like to follow Jesus is by serving on a ministry team on Sundays. Sign Up Today.