Our Vision

Our vision is to be a church that brings spiritual, social and cultural renewal to Orange County and beyond to the world.

At Trinity, we believe the gospel renews everything.  The gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to bring wholeness to our lives, create a loving and diverse community of faith and to move us outward to join God in his restorative mission of grace.  

Our Values

The Gospel Renews Our Lives

  • Gospel Focused.  The gospel centers us on God. The gospel is the good news that through Christ the power of God's kingdom has entered history to reconcile us to God, restore our broken lives and to renew the whole world. So the gospel is “the power of God” (Rom.1:16) not only for unbelievers but believers as well.  Because the message of the gospel is about what God has done through Jesus and not what we do, it re-centers our lives on God, not ourselves.  This leads to authentic worship and inspires us to yearn after God - to love and praise Him with joy! 
  • Gospel Impact.  The gospel gives us a calling bigger than ourselves.  The gospel calls us to join Jesus' mission by loving the communities and cities we live in (not abandon or turn our heads away from them).  Therefore, we see ourselves as witnesses for Jesus in the places God has put us.  We engage and serve our friends, neighbors and co-workers so that many people may be blessed by God’s love and grace shining forth from the lives of His people. 
  • Gospel Formation.  The gospel changes us.  The more deeply we believe and embrace the reality of the gospel, the more we see all we are and all we do as gospel response. Therefore, we are committed to growing, learning and being equipped in all the depths of the gospel and its application for our spiritual formation.  As we are changed from the inside by grace, we are compelled to know God's word and to seek Him in prayer that is both humble and confident.

The Gospel Renews Our Church

  • Ministry Together.  The gospel makes every Christian a servant minister.  The gospel empowers all God’s people for ministry.  Therefore, we emphasize servant-leadership development in order to encourage Christians to initiate, lead, and participate in team-based ministries.  Second, we network and partner with a variety of other churches and ministries to see the gospel spread.
  • Life Together. The gospel creates true community. Jesus came not merely to save individuals but to create a new community of grace that is marked by welcome, acceptance and support.  It's this new community that is the context of gospel growth and mission. Because the gospel humbles us and at the same time assures us that we are valued by God, we are freed from envy and pride, inferiority and superiority, in order to love and serve each other regardless of age, race or background.
  • Mission Together.  The gospel makes us a church for others.   The gospel frees us from becoming an inward grown church to serve God's world with hope, humility, and compassion.  The gospel gives us deep respect and great hope for every non-Christian, and it frees and empowers us not to live for ourselves but for our friends, neighbors and associates who don’t believe.  First, this means we cultivate relationships with non-Christians and invite them to church (Lk.5:29).  Second, we welcome non-Christians into our midst wherever we are gathered (1Cor.14:23-25).  Third, we communicate in a way that invites questions, engages people in dialogue and takes a process approach (not a crisis approach) to communication.

The Gospel Renews Our Communities

  • Spiritual Renewal.  The gospel renews our communities spiritually.  The central way that our communities are renewed spiritually is through church planting.  As the gospel spreads, lives are changed and gathered into new churches.  These gospel-driven churches plant more churches, thereby fueling a gospel-centered movement that leads to the spiritual renewal of communities all over the world!  We are therefore committed to catalyzing church planting in Orange County, Southern California and to the ends of the earth.
  • Social Renewal.  The gospel renews our communities socially.  The gospel gets at the root of social problems and empowers us to love and serve the disadvantaged and the oppressed.  Sin causes social brokenness. The gospel is that Jesus has moved in with the poor and become a neighbor to us (Jn.1:14); he has become poor so that we might become rich (2Cor.8:9), in order to redeem both soul and body (1Cor.15).  One day He will fully renew the physical and social world (Rev.21-22).  Therefore, we seek to follow Jesus as He heals our communities and cities socially—through mercy and social justice.
  • Cultural Renewal.  The gospel renews our communities culturally.  The gospel brings renewal to the key cultural areas of marriage, family, work, and the arts. Regarding marriage and family, the gospel heals broken relationships and brings about restoration and renewal.  Regarding the marketplace, all our work matters to God, and God matters to all our work.  Regarding the arts, the gospel shapes and inspires us to engage the arts as pointers to God’s story of redemption and hope.

* These values were greatly shaped by the work of Redeemer NYC and Redeemer San Diego.