TrinityU is where you can get started and go deeper into key areas of Christian faith and discipleship. The goal of our classes, studies and seminars is not simply the accumulation of knowledge but rather the formation of the mind and heart so that we are more fully equipped followers of Jesus in every aspect of our lives.

Fall Classes:

  • Reading Matthew - A six week journey through the gospel of Matthew on Sunday mornings.
  • Trinity 101 - A three week introduction to Trinity’s mission and vision as well as the first step toward membership. 


  • Learning to Pray the Psalms as the Church - A six-week team-taught class in which we will study together the Psalms as Christian Scripture. We will be learning how the different genres found in the Psalter each uniquely point us to the worship of Jesus the Messiah and shape us as the people of God. The goal of the class will be to come away as a church with a greater appreciation for and engagement in prayer as it is shaped by this historically rich source of ancient, inspired liturgy.  


  • “All things” Seminars - We’ll be hosting a series of conversations this year that help us explore the comprehensive dimensions of our faith in important cultural matters such as politics, ecology, creation/evolution, civil discourse and more. Stay tuned for more details.