TrinityU is where you can get started and go deeper into key areas of Christian faith and discipleship. The goal of our classes, studies and seminars is not simply the accumulation of knowledge but rather the formation of the mind and heart so that we are more fully equipped followers of Jesus in every aspect of our lives.

upcoming Classes

  • Trinity 201 - Ever wonder what you have to offer that can make a spiritual impact in the lives of others? The truth is God has uniquely worked in each of us to have gospel impact on the people He brings into our lives.  201 will help you see how your unique strengths, spiritual gifts, story and even your suffering are all a part of how God's grace can work through you. This is a BETA course that will help us create an online course for future use. We will use a variety of tools and assessments – this course will require reading, homework and participation! Please contact Pastor Eric for more information.